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The Swimming Instructor

With over 30 years of experience, I have trained most of the best swimming instructors in the St. Louis area.

Now I can train you or your child.

I offer lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings. I teach people from 6 months old to adults.

Individual Lessons

I provide a customized curriculum teaching you or your child how to take a breath independently, safe water entry and exit, independent gliding, independent back floating, developing bilateral freestyle skills, developing breaststroke movement, surface diving, treading water, swim team preparation, freestyle, endurance, backstroke, and much more.

Group Lessons

The student will be grouped with other students (max 4 students per group) at a similar skill level.  This allows me to provide better instruction to everyone when there are several people at varying close degrees of skill.  The students help each other to excel and learn new skills at a more rapid pace and it encourages healthy competition and camaraderie.

Intro to Water

In the Intro to Water class I help the students develop confidence and a love of water while advancing their physical, social,
and intellectual development.

They learn safe water exit and entry, underwater gliding, blowing bubbles, back float (assisted and unassisted), they strengthen their balance in and out of the water, independent arm and leg movements, kicking, and they learn how to be comfortable with their body in the water.

Swimming Intro

In the Swimming Intro class I help the children continue to develop their self confidence and love of water through engaging water activities.

They learn to be comfortable with their face in the water, they learn how to do the breaststroke actions, how to flutter kick, how to retrieve objects underwater, how to do safe water entry and exit without a ladder, how to glide up to 5 feet, and how to do an unassisted back float.

Beginning Skills

In the Beginning Skills class we continue our love of water training and concentrate on becoming confident underwater.  We extend their independence and focus on gross motor skill development.

They learn how to breathe properly, do an independent glide, back float independently, bilateral freestyle actions, we continue learning breaststroke movement, and we start on surface diving.

Advanced Skills

In the Advanced Skill classes I cater the lessons to your or your child’s specific needs, be they for endurance, to further skill development, rotary breathing techniques, freestyle swimming, breaststroke, treading water and additional water safety, or even swim team preparation.

My goal is to ensure each student’s total and complete comfort in and around the water.  I want them to feel successful and ready to take on their next swimming challenge.

Develop a Love of Water

According to a study by Griffith Institute for Educational Research, children who are involved in swimming lessons at an early age reach developmental milestones sooner than non-swimmers.

% of Reduced Risk

Participation in formal swimming lessons reduces the risk of drowning for 1-4 year olds by 88 percent.

% Adults Can’t Swim

Over a third of adults can’t swim; I can teach you how to do more than just float or doggy paddle.

% of Minorities

70% of African American children and nearly 60%  of Hispanic children have low or no swim ability.

nd Leading Cause

Fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind vehicle crashes.

Contact Angie

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